Spill The Beans: Share Your Special Coffee Moment

Did you know that coffee is one of the largest trades with high demand in the food and beverage industry? It’s also one of the worst for intense labour and unhealthy working conditions for farmers and even children. Fair trade means that the commodities and producers of products are paid fair wages, given proper living and working conditions, and treated as human beings. It also ensures the environment is sustainable, which is great for future generations.

Well here at Ethical Trading Group we love our fair trade coffee! And let’s just get things straight: organic, fair trade coffee just tastes better in every way. It’s less bitter and the true flavours of where the coffee beans originated from come through in the most exquisite way. Experiencing organic, fair trade coffee from different parts of the world is one of the most delicious and enjoyable cultural experiences you could have. So this week, we thought we’d share with you some of our staff’s most memorable and cherished coffee moments from around the globe (and in some instances, just in their own backyard!).

Coffee overlooking lake
Darian from our Ethical Trading Group Perth store: “Taking in the breath-taking views of Kenai Lake in Alaska while enjoying my steaming cup of warm coffee”
coffee meal in paris
Robin, our Ethical Trading Group Community Liaison Officer: “My first meal in Paris – hot coffee, soft croissants and fresh fruit”.
coffee early morning
Helena from our Ethical Trading Group Melbourne store: “Every morning I wake up an hour earlier than the kids, pour myself a coffee and savour the serenity. The house is quiet, peaceful and the time is all mine. I love to slowly sip my hour away while gazing through my window at the early morning sun”.
coffee on beach
Kristy, our Ethical Trading Group Quality Management Officer: “An afternoon break at Pataya, Thailand”
coffee roadtrip
Jordan, our Ethical Trading Group Media Marketing Manager: “Coffee pit-stops along our 1000km road trip through California’s Pacific Coast Highway”
coffee and cake
Marly, from our Ethical Trading Group Tasmania store: “Coffee and cake with my bestie in our favourite café”
coffee new york
Theckler, our Ethical Trading Group Facility Manager: “Saving every sip of my warm fair trade coffee in Times Square, New York on Christmas Eve”
Coffee xmas
Matt, from our Ethical Trading Group Perth store: “I travel a lot. I have family in different parts of the country that we visit over the holidays, but to me there is nothing quite like being home for Christmas morning. And there’s nothing that compares to my Mum’s special fair trade spiced Christmas coffee with shortbread”

Kids and coffee beans
David, our very own Ethical Trading Group CEO: “I’ll never forget my favourite coffee moment. I travelled to Ghana to meet “Hanopi Hands” – one of our fair trade coffee partners. I met these two lovely girls who were so proud to show me the beans their father grows. They told me since their father has starting selling the coffee through fair trade, they are able to go to school and learn to read” [Image source: Feed my starving children (www.fmsc.org) / CC B 2.0]
So tell us, what are your favourite coffee moments? Who do you share them with? Share the love, tag a friend, take a snap and post your thoughts with the hashtag #specialcoffeemoment.