Tapping Into Change: How Fair Trade’s Gift Of Clean Water Keeps Giving

Today, on World Water Day, let’s celebrate the many benefits access to clean drinking water has for our Fair Trade communities. Click-and-watch our short video infographic here: 

Be Part Of Something Bigger

Video Script:
Scene 1: If we’re lucky, water isn’t something that is always on our mind
Scene 2: It’s just a part of everyday life – for some
Scene 3: But for 900 million people in the world, safe drinking water isn’t a reality
Scene 4: And a further 2.6 million live without basic sanitation
Scene 5: Across the globe, 6000 people die each day from diseases caused by dirty water
Scene 6: — two-thirds are children —
Scene 7: But together we can make a difference, and be part of something bigger
Scene 8: With every Ethical Trading Group product you purchase
Scene 9: We can provide access to clean water for the world’s most vulnerable communities
Scene 10: And by providing safe water we can develop better health care
Scene 11: We can improve local diets
Scene 12: And we can give people the chance to make a living
Scene 13: By introducing simple irrigation schemes we can kick-start farming
Scene 14: And by providing toilet and hygiene advice at schools
Scene 15: We can increase attendance and raise educational performance
Scene 16: So splash out, purchase fair trade and show the world you care
Scene 17: Ethical Trading Group logo and website link.


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